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Should Bang Be Legalized in Kenya?

On Monday 17th May 2021 the Rastafari Society of Kenya (RSK), filed a petition seeking to 'decreminalize' the use of Marijuana.

The society wants the state to allow Rastafarrians to use Bhang in their houses and for religious purposes. In their statement, the RSK lawyers said that Marijuana is used to connect them to their God.

African countries that have legalized Bhang

In Africa, so far three countries, so far, four countries have made it legal to grow Marijuana, these are: Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa. In Kenya, this discussion is not new either. Several leaders, including politicians have advocated for decriminalization of Cannabis including the late Hon Ken Okoth, mp for Kibera, former Nairobi governer Mike Mbuvi Sonko and Narok Senator Ledama Olekina.

Are there any benefits of Marijuana?

Medically, Marijuana is used as a strong painkiller for certain medical conditions such as advanced cancer.

It is also used to reduce nausea for people undergoing chemotherapy

It helps reduce inflammation

It also helps to reduce intraolecular pressure for people with Glaucoma.

Experts also argue that it helps with weight loss and that smoking cannabis helps increase lung capacity.

It can also help increase appetite for those struggling with loss of appetite.

Are there any negative effects

It goes without saying that Cannabis is addictive.

Some argue that it can help fight depression and anxiety which is true for some cases but generally, it can either increase or decrease depression and anxiety so in that front it is not reliable.

Marijuana may also cause problems with memory

It causes impaired judgement

It causes paranoia and hallucinations

It may also cause lung irritation or even lung cancer.

The lists above are not exhaustive and a bit of research in the internet will give all the uses and health effects of this substance.

Well, it's up to the Kenyan Court to decide on the petition. What are your thoughts?

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