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Meet Esther Passaris Little Known Billionaire Husband (PHOTOS)


The Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris, is well-known, but little is known about her personal life, especially her marriage.

We are here to assist because we are fully knowledgeable about Passaris and her husband, so let us get going.

Pius Ngugi, a businessman, and Esther are married and have two kids together. Their union has experienced ups and downs, including court issues where Esther sued the Women Rep and Ngugi countersued.

In 2003, Esther filed a lawsuit against Ngugi for breaking his vow to marry her. The entrepreneur demanded an automobile to drive their kids to and from school as well as a $2,000 monthly allowance in exchange.

Later that year, the businessman filed a lawsuit against Passaris, alleging that in spite of their agreement to settle the conflict, she persisted in demanding more money.

Esther insists that they are close friends who get along well despite their previous arguments.

Ngugi, who owns the Thika Coffee Mills and the Kenya Nut Company, is one of the richest persons in Kenya. In addition, he has stock in Tatu City, one of the biggest real estate developments in the nation.

Esther admitted to Lilian Muli that although she had not intended to be in a polygamous union, she had ended up in one and was not ashamed of it.

Yet she did voice her displeasure at the state of affairs. She is most concerned that her spouse does not spend enough time with their kids.

The women representative also discussed how she and her co-wife get along well and that she even buys gifts for her stepchildren.

Josephine Wambui Ngugi and Ngugi, a polygamous guy, have four kids together.

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