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69-year-old Man Imprisoned for 1 Day after He Punched Lawyer in Milimani Court

Drama are witnessed every now and then in this world. It is not a big deal because even in law courts dramas also occur. In Milimani law courts in Kenya a Drama has been witnessed after a man attacks one lawyer.

A man aged 69 years old has been Imprisoned for one day. This decision came after he punched one of the lawyers in court. The man punched the lawyer after he was asked alot of questions in Milimani courts.

John Edward who was a police officer, was a witness in a case of land involving certain Municipality. John Edward was angered by one Lawyer who asked him alot of questions.


Lawyer Alex just pleaded the Milimani law courts to allow him to get near the witness, because the witness had seated and it was hard to get clear response. Immediately the lawyer went near him he was attacked and punched in the Lower abdomen. This attracted the attention and made Lawyer Alex to be taken to the hospital to avoid injuries.

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