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Women Over The Moon After Government Does This To Law Concerning Maidenhood

Indonesia is known for having the world's largest Islamic population and Muslims are well known to value women's maidenhood. Since majority of the Indonesians are Muslims, it has been therefore mandatory for a woman who needs to join the army to not only be a virgin but also allow a virginity test be carried on her by allowing fingers be inserted into her honey jar.

Surprisingly, from today onwards, the law above become obsolete because the Indonesian army has officially scrapped the “virginity" test law which has been in existence for decades. The law has been mandatory for all women but it had faced serious criticism from human rights activists who felt that the law was shutting the dreams of many women with zeal to join the army.

“Virginity test is is gender based abuse of human rights. This laws must be eradicated," said Andreas Hazorno, a researcher from from an international organization that fights for human rights in Indonesia.

“Usually in these tests, people insert two fingers in women's private parts just to confirm whether one has ever had sex," he added.

A large number of women that were interviewed by BBC said that the test that involved insertion of two fingers was painful that no one would wish to undergo. The cry of women activist had been heard and the Indonesian army has decided to do away with the law and for women who wish to join the army, they will be tested using other parameters including there fitness to endure army training.

From now henceforth, if a woman wants to join the army, you don't have to be a maiden.

What's your view on the move made by the Indonesian army to scrap the “virginty" test law?

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