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The secret behind George Floyd’s Murder

George Floyd’s Murder

In a critical volume, racism remains an issue in the US. The struggles of racism arise from American imperialism, internationalism, and movements that have weakened democratic actions. The ongoing fight for democracy shows that black American people continue to face untold trauma from American white’s supremacy and racial capitalism, a type of neo-liberalism. Racism is unfinished as it has superficial ideas of universalism, American exceptionalism, and paternalism, intending to prevent the black Americans from taking part in positions and processes that may disassemble global racism and foster democratic rights. George Floyd’s brutal murder gives the US a racist historic event that will remain in memories of many Americans and the rest of the world. However, Floyd was not a perfect man; his torture and death reflect what many black Americans undergo in the corridors of US justice.

In the last few months, the economy of Americans has fallen due to the outbreak of the pandemic, coronavirus resulting in many black Americans lose their jobs (Austin, 2020). George Floyd is a typical black man who lost his job amid the pandemic; unfortunately, he never died of the disease; instead, racism is the cause of his death. The world witnesses a racial terror, a knee of one of the cobs on his neck resulted in his death. The federal government defends itself by claiming that he involved in a crime leading to his arrest. However, this defense cannot bear fruits as the event was dramatized around the globe, making it a racist US event. In the modern world, the US, such a remarkable country with fully established law institutions, a knee on the neck cannot rule out the case of Floyd.

The federal government could not hide the racism issue involving Floyd. The interests of the government are to protect the citizens, whether black or white. Otherwise, the government must not discriminate against race, but in Floyd’s case, the government took a low deal in tackling the case effectively instead showed racial discrimination. The two contradicting autopsies provide pieces of empirical evidence (Austin, 2020). The official autopsy stated that Floyd died of cardiovascular disease and hypertension, but the truth is, Floyd died of strangulation by the knee. The critics have noted that this is clear evidence of racism in America. What if Floyd was a white American, justice could have taken its course, but in Floyd's case has no legitimacy. The private autopsy gives full information of murder, stating that Floyd lacked oxygen in the brain resulting in his death. Why this contradiction? It is a plan by the government to hide racial discrimination against blacks after appearing in the limelight.

In a nutshell, George Floyd's death has symbolized the plight of black people in America navigating criminal justice systems. The murder shows the burden of being black in America. His cry in the hands of the cops showed that black communities have no voice before the superior Americans. Insofar, the event rendered the Americans invisible and quieting the inequality. In a real sense, the issue has unfolded American history.



Austin, Paulie "In Life and Death, George Floyd's Plight Reflected the Burden of Being Black in America." the Guardian. N.p., 2020. Web. 9 Aug. 2020.

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