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When Kenya Was Serious: MPs Who Paid Dearly For Their Corruption Deeds

All governments across the world have serious challenges. One of the challenges they face is corruption. Corruption is can be social or economic problem. Corruption is present almost in all countries. However, the level of corruption differ from one nation to another. There are those countries that have a run away corruption while other have minimal corruption cases. Corruption is rampant in Africa nations as well as in other developing countries.

Nations like China, Korea and few others have managed to control by formulating and implementing strict rules on corruption and corrupt individuals. In Kenya, there is a time Judicial system tried to fix this social and economic problem. Honourable Jesse Mwangi Gachago who was the MP for Makuyu Constituency and Godfrey Muhuri Muchiri who was an MP for Embakasy in 1980s were judged by the Judicial court for stealing coffee.

They were found guilty and sentenced for five years in prison. On top of that they were to be caned one stroke of cane each for the offence. They served their sentenced untill when president Moi released them on presidential clemency on 1st May 1980. Before they were released, they had already stayed in prison for twenty five months.

This is when Kenya was serious about corruption issue. If today was those days, most political leaders could have been hanged or serving their life imprisonment in Kamiti or Naivasha Maximum Prison.

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