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Violation of the Constitutional Right to Health Caused Gov. Mohammed Abdi of Wajir his Coveted Job

The impeachment hearing of Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohammed brings into focus the concepts of health care. Health is a basic human right. It is also is an important means of protecting that right. It is fundamental to the effective delivery of public health care.

Naturally healthcare should be accessible to all citizens with the word "accessible" being used in its broadest context to mean available when needed, free of economic barriers, unlimited by social or cultural distinctions, and within reasonably easy reach.

Listening carefully to the representation by both parties during the impeachment hearing, it became obvious that the system of health care delivery is essential to the provision of health care, and that system must reflect certain inherent characteristics of the service users.

The special committee of the Senate under the chairman of Sen. O'mogeni Okongo SC defined the term "heath care" as implies a broad spectrum of services including primary health care,the integration of preventive and therapeutic services, health education, the protection of mothers and children, protection of health services providers, family planning and the control of environmental hazard.

A system of health care delivery is therefore essential to the provision of community health care and that system must reflect certain inherent characteristics of the community.

The senate was clear that health care must evolve from the community it serves; it should involve the community in all aspects of its organisation, such as planning, delivery, and evaluation of care.

However one important lesson emerged from the hearing that led to committee recommendations for impeachment of the governor. This is what really determines human health and why it is a basic rights.

The following factors were mentioned.

1. Human biology 

2. Ways of life of the community 

3. Environment 

4. Health care system.

This basically implies that even if the Taita Taveta county government were to provide the best healthcare system in Africa, when the other factors continue to affect it negatively, the result would still be poor health.

Therefore even as we criticize the county government for running a weak health care system, we as service users must also look at our individual's human biology, environment and ways of life of our community.

The Senate also insisted that we must also look beyond the four factors. By this I think the committee meant principal social institutions such as:

1. Health services

2. Education 

3. Industry &Agriculture 

4. Legal institutions

 5. Mainstream and social media platforms

6. County Governments

7. National government 

9. Church owned health services 

10. Islamic owned health services 

11. Voluntary Service Organisations owned health services.

During the hearing of charge number 15, relating to healthcare, a doctor was proved to have lost his life due to lack of oxygen and electricity. The county assembly had alleged and went ahead to prove that, although, the county received close to 180m for COVID-19 fund, the county failed to purchase transformer to supply electricity to the COVID-19 isolation wing to generate the oxygen plant resulting in the death of one of the doctors attached to COVID-19 wards. 

Governor Mohammed Abdi during the last Wednesday's impeachment hearing at Senate Chambers.

Senate special committee took the issue of violating the constitutional right to health so serious that it found that the county assembly had substantiated one charge out of 17. Health care has shot down one governor between the eyes.

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