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Fireworks as Kenyans Protest After Moses Kuria’s Prayer ‘Mocking’ Ukambani Over Kitui Bus Tragedy

Outspoken Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria caused a storm on social media after penning down a cheeky message in the wake of the tragedy that claimed 24 lives and left more than 10 injured after a bus that was transporting guests to a wedding capsized in a flooded river.

Taking to social media, Kuria wrote: “Dear God Almighty, I dedicate this Sunday to your people in Ukambani. They are the only species on earth who die from lack of water through drought and starvation and they also die from too much water through flooding. Now touch the hearts of their leaders so they do something about both.”

Moses Kuria's Cheeky But Emotional Prayer After Kitui Bus Tragedy That Left 24 Wedding Guests Dead

Kenyans were quick to unpack his message and give their take as captured in the comments below:

Samuel Irungu Kimani: How ironical you have put it? It is not a condolence note but a humorous post at the expense of suffering and bereaved families. However, may God see them through in this trying moment.

Matheka James: Prayers with Matusi in it. All I know,God can not be mocked.

"Learn to Respect other people Mhesh,this is more of mockery than a condolence."

"Stop the hypocrisy you were in a very powerful committee and you did nothing, Pole to the families affected."

"This is not a prayer but mockery . Repent your sins too for the insults to Uhuru,Raila and his community. Failure to do so utaenda Kulambwa masikio na shetani Jehanamu. Muthamaki ndarumaguo."

"The same honourable Moses Kuria who once dared to order panga wielding men to a foreskin chopping spree. May the Lord God touch your heart too."

24 Wedding Guests Killed After School Bus Capsizes, Several Rushed to Hospital [VIDEO]

"This sounds more of an insult than a condolence, ‘the only species on earth who die due to lack of water and floodings?’ how many can u say have died of hunger in ukambani ? How well do u know the place? Instead of insulting others, ask God to heal you."

"Sasa oneni ile ujinga nasema. The way this guy phrases the whole statement just shows you he’s making a mockery. Ata mjinga tu ataelewa this is ridicule."

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Gatundu South Kenyans Matheka James Samuel Irungu Kimani Ukambani


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