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What Lawyer Evans Monari Did To Solicitor General Ken Ogeto In Nairobi

Many people paid their tributes to the life well live, lawyer Evans Monari who was laid to rest yesterday. Everyone exposed him as a very friendly and generous person who loved everyone. He was very friendly to everyone and not just a friend in need but a friend in deed.

This comes after Solicitor General Ken Ogeto's testimony about what the late Lawyer Monari did to him when he entered Nairobi.

“When I came to Nairobi, and I was a little village boy, he guided me around, he held my hand professionally and socially, and ultimately, Evans was to be my best man at my wedding,” Solicitor General Ken Ogeto told the mourners.

Lawyer Monari was heaped with several praises because of how good he used to treat people. He was a man of very many stories especially when he met his Kisii tribe mates. They would always tell so many stories about the Kisii history and culture.

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