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Amhednasir Advices Justice Musinga To Do This About The Judgement To Help The Wanjikus

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The seven-bench judge to decide on fate of the BBI cases has each written their judgment and are reading them out. This seems to be quite confusing to the common Mwananchi who has little knowledge in law. This confusion comes when one judge supports this ideal while the other does not. Indeed at the end it will really be tough to know where the decision lies.

Amhednasir has alleged that by the fact that each of the seven judges is writing his/her own judgment, this looks like an untidy and confusing enterprise. He has then advised Justice Musinga to do a proper summary and housekeeping in his leading judgement.

This will indeed be of great help as it will enable many to follow through how the court of appeal came up with their final verdict concerning the issues at hand. The Wanjikus will also be satisfied with the judgement if it is broken down for them to clearly understand.

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