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Man From Hell Jailed For Lifetime After Forcing Himself on a Boy Aged 7 Years Ruining His Life

Cases of defilement of minors have recently increased. Crimes of defilement and assault at childhood have long term effects to the victims. Defilement of minors has been correlated with extreme levels of depression, low self esteem, feeling of shame, guilt, self-blame and anxiety.

Other serious effects that ruin victims life include somatic concerns, repression and dissociative patterns. Victims also have a felling of self denial and end up having relationship problems in future. Cases of defilement and assault have been a major problem for both boys and girls. Incidents of immoral people forcing young boys into life threatening evil activities have become rampant.

Turning to the latest incident relating to this, a Loitoktok court has sentenced a 43 year old man to a life imprisonment for assaulting and forcing himself on a seven year old boy.

The man identified as Benson Mutua from Kiunduni, Makindu in Makueni County although he lives in Kimana village, Loitoktok, was sentenced by Resident Magistrate Caroline Ndumia where he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

This came after a report from the prosecutor's office indicated that the local authorities did not have enough information about the accused but was found guilty of committing the crime. The local community condemned the atrocity adding that the culprit deserves the punishment.

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