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Lawyer Ahmednasir 'Attacks' Eastleight Business Community, States What Somali Businesses Need

Renowned city lawyer and strong Kenya Kwanza supporter Ahmednasir has unleashed a scathing attack on the Eastleigh Business Community listing what the Somali-owned businesses in Nairobi and across Kenya need.

Taking to Twitter, the lawyer has expressed his disappointment at the Eastleigh Business Community - an organization that largely represents Somali-owned businesses mostly operating in the busy Eastleigh region.

"Somali businesses in Eastleigh, the entire Nairobi & whole of Kenya need a more representative & inclusive organisation than the Eastleigh Business Community which is a hostage of a CABAL that report to Hon Raila/azimio/jubilee/Igathe...& no longer represent the VOICELESS MAJORITY," he Tweeted.

As it could be seen in the comments section, a section of Kenyans have sharply differed with him while others have agreed for reasons best known to themselves.

Enoch Hosea: Aden Dwale doesn't report to Raila Odinga/AZIMIO/Jubilee/ Igathe, this tweet is demeaning to the business fraternity in Eastleigh.

Robert Kachebet: But the Somali business community in Eastleigh is not doing so bad.

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