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Sad News as Lawyer Reveals What Has Happened to Mackenzie For Sleeping on The Floor in Police Cells

Pastor Paul Mackenzie's health is suffering, according to his attorney Elisha Komora. Mackenzie has been sleeping on the floor.

According to Elisha, Mackenzie and his co-defendant have wet their lungs from lying on the cold floor.

The solicitors told the judge that their clients were sleeping on the cold, hard floor and were worried they might catch pneumonia from not having a proper sleeping arrangement.

Mackenzie had previously accused the cops of beating her and denying her food.

The State's claims that the defendants "are being well taken care of in the police cells" were refuted by defence attorneys Elisha Komora and George Kariuki.

According to Komora, Mackenzie's wife was detained with the couple's two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and the woman was made to buy food and drink for the child.

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