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Ottoman Designs That will Create Beauty To Your Home

Ottoman is a piece of furniture introduced from Turkey( the heart of Ottoman Empire hence the name Ottoman) in the late 18th century.Since then they have become very popular around the world.

Usually a padded,upholstered seat or bench without arms or back they were heaped with cushions and formed the main piece of seating in the home.Ottomans provide a softer more relaxed feel to the room as well as adding that touch of elegance.

Different ways of using ottomans;

1 Used as storage trunks.

They come in different shapes and sizes and a clever spot to store your pillows and bedcovers.The lid can either swing open on hinges or can be lifted off completely some even have smaller drawers inside.

Ottomans can solve alot of storage issues around the home.Perfect for storing magazines,remote control,game controllers or anything else you want to tidy away but still have access to.

In the bedroom they can be used to store socks,stockings,shoes and bedcovers,this helps free up the closet. 

2 Foot Rest

An ottoman is typically used as a comfortable foot rest infront of a couch or chair,providing plenty of cushioning for your feet as you rest them.

3 Act as a coffee table.

The surface can act as a coffee table that is stable enough to hold food,drinks perfectly with the addition of a nice tray ontop.

 4 Used as an extra chair

They are built to withstand the weight of someone sitting on them.They are padded and covered in fabric on the sides and top so you can use them in the living room for guests to sit on 

You can also put them next to your bed if you like and still seat on it while you dressing which is realy handy for many people.

5 Playground for kids.

They can be used for a flat surface for kids to play while they sit on the carpet floor.Large ottomans can be used for board games with friends without disrupting the main dining table .

6 Adds beauty to the room

They compliment your existing decor. They are now becoming the focal point of the room and serving the function "all eyes on me "decor.

Hope you love them.leave comment.Thanks

Content created and supplied by: Jonemike (via Opera News )

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