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Living Tree, Why this tree is older than the Christ as scientists say

It makes people wonder whether this has really been alive since 8000 years.On a wild of Tasmanian mountain there is a magnificent recently discovered stand of Huon Pine trees that has been called world's 'Oldest known living organism'.

Newspaper reported that what looks hundred of trees densely covering one hectares is all part of one tree, since all these trees appear to have identical DNA.

Over the years it is believed that snow has forced it's branches to the ground where they have taken root.

It is hard to see how a tree could be older than the time since the biblical flood, so if it's published age of more than 8,000 years were correct, then this present a serious challenge to old testament chronology.

Infact some media reports, claim the tree could be 30,000 or 40,000 years old.

The media reported that scientists had definitely found the world's Oldest living organism in these Tasmanian Huon pines.But the scientist working on the project said we have made no such claim.

The source reported age may be a guessmate based on core sampling a lake below the mountain which contain Huon Pine Pollen.

This is clearly based on far more assumptions and uncertainties than tree ring dating.Even the apparant of DNA differences is not 100 per cent certain.

If there was global flood around 5000 years ago no living thing should be older than that.

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