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Tips for growing carrots; learn the small tricks that really matters

Carrots do well in cool temperatures and we'll drained loam or Sandy soil. They grow in small gardens and can even be grown in flower beds.

There are different varieties and colours of carrots, but the most common in the country is the orange coloured one

Growing tips

>To grow carrots you first get rid of any trash, stones and large pieces of wood the small ones can be mixed down the soil

> The soil should be well drained loam or Sandy soil, heavy soil will hinder the formation of a healthy and attractive carrot

> Dig up the area to make sure that the ground is soft and we'll aerated—this will make it easier for carrots to penetrate hence formation of long and straight carrots will be possible

Planting procedure

1. Plant your carrots in rows which are 1-2 feet apart. The seeds should be about ½ inches deep and 1-2 inches apart

2. When the plants have appeared, wait untill they are 4 inches high then try to space them to 2 inches apart leaving only the healthier ones

3. Keep your carrots free from weeds. Weeds will take away the nutrients causing poor yielding

How to harvest

> Harvesting can be commenced once the root is the size of your finger or at least ½ inch in diameter

> To check the size of your carrots, gently remove the soil at the top of the root and take a looke— it is pretty easy to estimate

> To harvest, grab the leaves just above the root and gently pull it up

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