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Know The Tallest Trees In The World

Here I want to list the five tallest trees in the world, which have been measured and confirmed. I list the tree name, species, botanical name, and the country in which the tree is found.

1. Hyperion.

This has been found to be the tallest tree in the world. The tree measurements were found to be 115.5 metres. It is on the species of Coast Red wood, botanically known as sequoia semervirens. The tree is found at Redwood National Park at California.

2. Menara.

Menara tree is the second tallest confirmed tree. The tree is found at Danum Valley Conservation area in Sabah, on the Ireland of Boneo. The tree measures at 100.8 metres and it is in the Yellow Meranti species, botanically known as shores faguetina.

3. Centurion.

Centurion falls in the third position on the list. The tree measures 100.5 metres tall, found at Arve Valley, Tasmania Australia. It is in the species of Eucalyptus regnans.

4. Doerner fir.

Doerner fir comes number four of the tallest trees. It is in the species of Coast dounglass, botanically known as menziesii var. menziesi. The tree measures 99.7 metres and it is found at Brumonit Creek, Oregon USA.

5. Conifer.

Fith and last on our list is Conifer tree, in the species of Sitka spruce, botanically known as picea sitchensis. The tree measures 96.7 metres tall and it is found at Prairie Creek, Redwood State Park, California, USA.

Content created and supplied by: Stephenmwangimuriithi (via Opera News )

Danum Valley Hyperion Menara Redwood National Park Sabah


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