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How to be a Millionaire through onion growing with a 25k investment

Onion growing is one of the unknown money making Agribusiness that many people have never thought of investing into.Originally onions do not require high amounts of rainfall that which leads to its diversification in the geographical position with the different rain distribution depending on the micro climate of a specific locality.

Onions seeds require to be placed in a nursery tha it will last for a month.Preparation of the nursery requires atentiveness and the right amounts of fertiliser need to be used.

Basically the fertilizers for growing is DAP(Diamonium phosphate) that needs to be mixed proportionally with the nursery soil to avoid turning the pH of the soil acidic.

Furrows one meter apart are dug in form of trenches then the seeds are poured into the furrows and covered with fine soil.The seed bed should be protected from direct sunlight and rainfall.

Provision of a shed or mulching might help with the external protection.The seedlings are supposed to be nursed for a month with regural spraying of pesticides and fertilizers for the young stage.

Once they've completed their one month in the nursery they are ready for transplant to a well cultivated land with tha application of fertilizers during this process of transplant.

After transplant the plants have been transplanted they take about three months to reach full maturity which the onion bulb will have been fully formed.The widely grown species in Kenya is the Jambard species.

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DAP( Diamonium phosphate


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