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How to Make Sh50,000 in Your Garden

With the consistent market demand,both for fresh tomatoes processed tomato products, farming tomatoes can be a profitable venture.

Get down with me to show you how you can achieve this.

First you need to choose a good variety of tomato seeds with help from a agrovet.

Prepare a nursery by raising soil around 15cm high. Apply manure or DAP fertiliser. The soil should be fine and made up of small particles. Bury the seeds into the soil but a depth of 1cm.cover just slightly with soil. To increase moisture level, mulching is added on seedbed and also reduce water splash.

Water the nursery in the morning regularly and seeds germinate in around 8days. Tomatoes get mature in seedbed for 4weeks.

When transplanting ensure good spacing. CAN is applied for top dressing and ensure the plants get adequate water supply but not in excess.

Pruning is also done on side of shoots,old leaves or diseased leaves.weeding should always be done.For a good return eliminate pests such as white flies,tomato blight by spraying insecticides which are found in nearest agrovets. Ensure the tomatoes fruits do not touch the soil as they get roat patches you can use poles or strings to raise them at stand.

harvesting is ready after 75days or before depending on the variety.

Now Lets get to the maths profit.

60kg crate goes for ksh 5,000 when the demand is high and declines to an average of ksh3,000 when low.

cost of production per acre ranges from sh 100,000 to sh 150,000 and one can earn as much as sh 500,000 when the season is good.

if you decide to go small you can make sh50,000 because there will be less cost of production depending on the amount of seeds you use.

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