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Do this Before Using a Tampon

Tampons can introduce bacteria to the urethral tract when they are handled wrongly.

Toxic shock syndrome can occur which is usually associated with dizziness, fainting, vomiting and a sudden spike in fever.

You should recognize these symptoms and report them immediately to your health care provider if you experience them.

You should not use tampons unless you have your periods. A tampon can only be used for not more than 8 hours. It is also important to read the instructions for using a tampon from the label.

You should wash your hands before handling your tampon. Your hands might have different strains of bacteria which you can easily introduce into your urethral tract.

Wash your hands after you insert your tampon since your fingers come into contact with urethral bacteria.

If you have recently terminated your pregnancy, you should not use a tampon until your periods are back to normal.

Avoid reusable tampons or reusing a tampon since they may carry additional bacteria and fungi and introduce them to your urethral tract.

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