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Why Eating Guava And Its Extracts Could Be Beneficial; And Mostly In Menstrual Health

Guava is one of the tropical plants which is rich in many nutritients and is therefore recommended for any dietary benefits. Science also show that fruit is low in calories with much fibre which makes it beneficial .Other studies also support benefits of guava extracts such as, boost of immune system, digestion or even menstrual conditions as well. This article will highlight some health benefits of guava and extracts from it.

High Levels of Vitamin C: Low levels of Vitamin C are linked to in crease of infections and illness. Guava are ideal and great source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Also linked to antimicrobial benefits, can kill bad bacteria and viruses which might lead to infections.

Skin Protection : Wide range of antioxidant that may protect your skin from damage and slows down aging process thus helps prevent wrinkles. Guava leaf extracts may help in fighting acnes when applied directly to the skin.

Digestive Benefits: Guava is a source of dietary fibre. Eating guavas may aid in bowel movement thus prevents constipation. Guava leaf extacts may also reduce diarrhoea.

Releave of Painful Menstrual Cramps: Most women may experience a painful symptoms of menstruation like stomach cramps. Studies have shown that extracts from guava leaves may reduce the pain during menstrual period.

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