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Here Are Healthy Benefits Of Eating Bananas You Should Know

Energy Booster 

Bananas are a better source of energy than precious sports drinks, according to a 2012 study at Appalachian State University, published in PLoS ONE. Two bananas give enough calories for an1-1/2 hour drill or walk. Bananas also are an ideal pick- me- up. When you feel tired and sluggish in the autumn don’tgo for coffee or a sticky snack. snare a banana rather. Your energy position will last longer, and you won’t suffer the dramatic crash caused by caffeine or cutlet.  

Better Heart Health

Because they're rich in potassium, bananas help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain. This also helps the body maintain a regular twinkle, lower blood pressure and a proper balance of water in the body, according to the National Institutes of Health. Potassium-rich foods are also known to reduce the threat of strokes in aged women, according to a 2014 study in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke.  Natural Laxative Eat bananas, and you might say farewell to constipation. Well- grew bananas have a type of fiber that helps to restore and maintain regular bowel functions. They're a natural source for perfecting the movement of waste through the intestine, according to a 2014 Chinese study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.  Put a Smile on Your Face Bananas have a small quantum of tryptophan, an amino acid that when combined with bananas ’ natural vitamin B6, helps boost the product of serotonin, a “ feel- good hormone. ” 

This mood- regulating substance may help your mind and body relax so you feel happier

  Banish PMS Pain Do n’t take capsules to reduce your menstrual pains. Try bananas rather. Bananas have plenitude of vitamin B6. Some studies suggest that B6 may reduce symptoms of premenstrual pattern( PMS), according to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements( ODS) 

 Fight Morning Sickness

 Because of the comforting parcels associated with vitamin B6, bananas are frequently eaten by pregnant women to combat early- gestation morning sickness, says Richmond Hill, Canada, dietitian Anar Allidina. 

 Leftover Remedy 

The natural constituents in bananas and their capability to replenish the body’s vitamins make them an ideal way to reduce the goods of a leftover .Put a couple bananas in the blender with some plain yogurt and add some honey to candy the taste. The fruit tends to calm the stomach and the honey helps to restore the blood sugar situations to normal. 

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