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It Is Unfair: WHO Reveals What The Rich Countries Are Doing That Is Not favouring Africans

Nations are battling with covid-19 pandemic. The disease has claimed a lot live. Currently it is approximated that more than four million people have died. Governments are doing what they can to contain the spread of the virus. The discovery of the vaccines has given hope than one day things will return to normal. The main challenge is the distribution of the vaccines equitably. As things stands now, the rich nations have access to these life saving vaccines.

According to latest statistics, rich nations like England, USA and many others have vaccinated almost seventy percent of their population. This is a total contradiction to African population. In Africa and others poor nations only less than five percent of their population has been vaccinated.

It is unfortunate that these rich nations are using their excess vaccines as boosters instead of donating to other vulnerable people in Africa. The WHO has said that there is not evidence that the thirty dose that is now used as boosters are necessary in the fight for Covid 19 virus. According to WHO statement, the shots should be shared with poor countries instead of being used by rich countries as boosters.

“We are making conscious choices right now not to protect those in need,” Tedros said, adding the immediate priority must be to vaccinate people who have yet to receive a single dose.

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