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Here Are The Four Ways In Which infectious Diseases Are Transmitted Which You Should Not Ignore

Most diseases are infectious, infectious Diseases are diseases that can be spread from person to person they can be caused by either bacteria, fungi virus or protozoan an and are spread I four main ways.

Direct contact.

Fungal diseases such as ringworm and sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis are spread by direct contact.

Airborne and droplets infections

When you sneeze a fine spray of mucus droplets containing microorganisms leaves your nose and enter the air and someone else can breathe in this fine droplets and could catch up a disease. Covering your mouth while sneezing help to control this.

Ingestion in water or on food

Many parasites leave the human body in faeces or urine . Careful disposal of sewage so that it does not contaminate drinking water is essential. Hands should always be washed after going to the lavatory. Some example include cholera , amoebic dysentery and roundworms.

Entry through the skin

Parasites such as schistosoma produce free swimming larvae which can bore through the human skin. Other parasites are injected through the skin by insects vector with biting mouth part feeding on human body for example malaria caused by the protozoan Plasmodium is injected by the female anopheles mosquito when she feeds.

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