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OCTOBER " Breast Cancer Awareness Month ". What To Know About It

October is usually considered as "breast cancer awareness month" an annual campaign to create awareness about the disease.

Its usually celebrated from 1st to 31st October.

According to sources cancer is among the leading killer disease in Africa. Breast cancer is commonly diagnosed in women. During this month, a pink ribbon is usually worn as a sign of standing with breast cancer survivors and the ones who lost their lives to the disease.

(News source)

Reportedly breast cancer cells normally divide themselves up to 30 times and up the 28 times, neither you nor the doctor can feel it by hand. The majority of women tend to find out if they feel a lump on their breasts. The risks of developing breast cancer depend on your age and body weight.If you notice changes in size or feel a lump on your breast kindly seek medical attention. Going for check-ups and mammogram is important in preventing the disease.

(Photos courtesy of a mammography session)

Mammograms are non-inclusive x-rays that are usually used to detect and even treat cancer of the breast.

Reportedly breast cancer not only occur in women but on rare occasion, men fall victims.

It's cheap when one goes for a check-up in hospital than treating the diseases when it's fully grown on your body.

Cancer can be defeated by earlier detection.

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Africa Breast Cancer Awareness Month OCTOBER


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