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8 Absolutely Incredible Things Our Body Does Everyday

Almost complete regeneration every decade

There are some changes that our bodies undergoes daily, for example 70m billion cells die and we can’t even notice, new intestinal track appears every 3-4 days and red blood cells die every 3 months. Nevertheless our kidneys renew themselves over a year and our body undergoes an almost complete regeneration

Every navel is universal of bacteria

Scientist say that there are thousands of bacteria in every navel and they have their own environment or ecosystem, it looks a lot like a rainforest. Each navel has its own set of bacteria’s and its own ecosystem where you will find certain bacteria being dominant

Taste receptors are located in the heart

The tongue can differentiate different taste and most people do not know the mechanism behind this fact. Babies have so many bud that some of them are situated on the palate, they vanish with age. An adult has 10,000 receptors and they do reduce with age, it was recently revealed that sourness receptors are also located in the heart to help it recognize infection

Stomach acid can dissolve iron

Some scientists carried out a test to observe the effects of Hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, they heated the acid to 37 degrees centigrade the normal body temperature and placed iron blade and alkaline battery in it. After 24 hour, the blade had lost 63% of its mass and the battery withstood the condition for more than and a day. Our body has to produce new gastric cells before the acid destroys the old ones

Emotions creates false memories

We all have different memories, they keep on changing depending on what we experience in our daily life. Now think about this, you went to a function with your friend some time ago like a year back, then you later argued and stop seeing each other. You brain may create false memories to show you that the event was not great, you brains finds a way to make the whole thing look bad so you do not enjoy this memories.

We are taller and slimmer in the morning

By morning, a person becomes 1-2 cm taller and some of you may notice there may be difference in weight. It is a common knowledge that the intervertebral discs aren’t as firmly fixed to one another when we are asleep and when we are awake. At night, our body continues to work and gets rid of excess liquid and air through sweating and breathing. This affects our overall weight

Half of our body consists of bacteria

The body of an average human being contains 20-40 million bacteria, roughly equal to the number of our own cells. Before, it was assumed that there are 10 times more bacteria in our body than our own cells but this recent study revealed something very different. The highest bacterial density is in the rectum

The content of milk adjusts for the baby

Breast milk for babies contains all those useful substance that a baby may need to grow and develop immunity. It was also discovered that the breast milk may change its contest and consistency to adjust to what the baby love during feeding. This is possible because the mother’s body analyzes the baby’s saliva to get to know what the baby requires.

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