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[PHOTOS] A Man Who Has Not Sleep Since 1973

A normal human being has to sleep each day. In fact WHO recommends 8 hours of sleep to each individual. It is disturbing to know that their is a person who has never sleep since 1973.

Thái Ngọc was born in 1942.Thái is currently living in Vietnam. He has a rare non-dozing ailment since 1973. He has explained several times to the media that it is really hard for him to sleep.

 According to a news platformThanh Niên News, Thái has been carrying out his day to day activities without any problems. He does not experience an dizziness or seem to be tired.

Thái had gotten extraordinarily special. For years he has not slept peacefully. It was not until 2006 when Thái revealed that he was feeling like a plant with no water. This could have been caused by the lack of rest.

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