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Bad breath is a sign of a serious health problem and this is why you should not take it lightly

The Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine discovered a new cause of unpleasant breath.

Dr. Alan Davis is an Associate Professor, and the head of the Scientific research at the Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. He has more than 60 scientific works on Molecular Parasitology and his working experience is well over 21 years. According to him, worm infestation leads to practically all the serious diseases that affects human beings. It turns out that a common "bad breath" grows into a serious disease. According to his study, bad breath is the first sign that you have worms and parasites in your body and it is a sign that should be taken seriously. Many people think that bad breath is caused by lack of brushing the teeth alone.

About 92% of human deaths are caused by infections with parasites. Worms, or helminths are responsible for destroying the intestines and causing a rotting inside. There are thousands of types of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood and stomach. Some of this parasites immediately begin to destroy the body while others act covertly for some time, until the your body dies.

In a male body, these parasites can cause the following conditions; prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand and stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.

In female body parasites can cause, pain and inflammation of the ovaries, developing fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, gallbladder, and kidneys. This parasites are also responsible for a premature skin aging, wrinkles, under eye bags, warts, and papillomas on the face.

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