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If You Drinking Alcohol While Taking Any of These Medications, You Risk Killing Yourself

Alcohol drinks are enjoyable and also make up a huge part of youths and older people who find no harm in them, even though it is acceptable it can also cause harm when consumed with certain medications. No matter how much you love to drink it is advisable not to consume alcohol when on the following medications because they can result in serious reactions.

Diabetes medicine

If you suffer from any sugar-related conditions like diabetes, and you are on medication for suppressing or managing the health condition, it is not safe for you to combine the medication with alcohol no matter how tempting it might be.

Sleeping pills

Medications such as Diazepam, Lorazepam which are used to reduce anxiety to fall asleep are not advised to be taken with alcohol, taking them together with alcohol might be regarded as a suicidal attempt due to the harm they can cause to your body.


Drinking alcohol when you are on medication such as Ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. can lead to serious stomach upsets, ulcers, and even bleeding. Whilst taking acetaminophen leads to serious liver damages and should be highly avoided at all cost.

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