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Hospitals Are Asking For Steep Deposits From Covid-19 Patients.

Covid-19 Patients are being asked to deposit steep money for them to get admission in the various hospitals. This is so much stress to such individuals since it is unexpected situation to find yourself having the virus.

This is just a clear indication that the government is no longer considering infected citizens in terms of hospital bills and therefore everyone should just protect him/herself to avoid contracting or transmitting the virus.

Reports are showing that most of the hospitals they don't have enough beds for their patients and many families are trying all means to get money once they find that one of their family member is infected with corona virus.

It will so much good if the government will make an effort to provide enough beds and also cater for the bills especially for Covid-19 patients. This is a pandemic that has invaded the country and kenyans are expecting total support from their leaders. When the country reported the firat case of corona, the economy of the country was affected, kenyans lost jobs and as per now it is so much difficult for them to get that steep deposit for admission in the hospitals.

It is then my opinion that people should know that once they contract the virus, it is their task to make sure they cater for treatment therefore people should continue observing Covid-19 protocols so that they remain safe.

Corona is real and it kills kindly wash hands regularly, wear face masks and keeping social distance. Share this information like and also don't forget to comment.

Content created and supplied by: @samienyongesa (via Opera News )



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