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5 Things You Shouldn't Do As A Woman.


Most women end up getting infections that can easily be avoided. If you read this article you may agree with me on some things you should avoid to minimize infections. This includes the following;

1. Don't wear clothes that are so tight on you.

When you make love, your body heats up and you sweat a lot. At this point, you should avoid wearing tight clothes, especially nylon clothes because they might create abrasions. They also cause itchiness to your private parts when they come in contact with your private organ secretions.

2. Avoid douching.

Douching is a way a woman cleans the inner part of her private parts only. When you douche, you increase the chances of infections. This is because when you clean you may use soups that are irritating or you may break the protective barrier by affecting the bacteria known as normal flora that protect the vagina. The best way to take care is to leave it alone because it can clean itself or wash with clean water without soap.

3. Don't Avoid Using a Bathroom

When you empty your bladder you flush the private part lowering the risk of infection. When making love, the process facilitates bacteria movement thus it's good to flush it off when you empty your bladder.

4. Avoid using perfume products.

You should avoid using such products because some have irritant chemicals that may cause infection or reaction to your organ. If you have to use them, you should apply them to your clothes in small amounts.

5. Avoid sleeping with your underclothes on.

This is because when you make love you get sweaty and the sweat may react with the fabric causing infections. If you can't sleep naked you can use your pajamas but you have to take off your underclothes.


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