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Boda Men Spotted Again Today Eating Patients Food In Kakamega Referral Hospital

The Kakamega boda Boda men has been reported again sneaking and eating patients food from the referral hospital. Initially, the incident happened few years ago and today evening, a section of the men were spotted sneaking into the hospital and eating the patients food. According to different sources, the men has not stopped the character in mwhich most people believed that they abandoned long time ago. It us allegedly reported that the few individuals wearing jackets entered into the hospital pretending to be preaching to the patients but their intrest is to snatch the food from the patients.

This incidence that had happened to day again has left most people wondering how they do sneak and snatch the food from the residents. The patients are believed to have no taste for foods and normally their families tries very hard to provide foods that could help them boost their appetite. Share your thoughts and views on the matter on what should be done to reduce these cases

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