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These Rich Fibre Foods Are Beneficial For You If You Have Diabetes


Lentils are greatly rich in fiber;which assists in keeping your blood sugar stable.

Cooked lentils provide nearly 15 g of fiber specifically soluble fiber.They also provide proteins.


Red kidney beans, black beans and white beans are greatly rich in fiber.Other than fibre,they are also rich in resistant starch.What this means is that they do not easily and quickly get into the bloodstream and affect the blood sugar.

Beans contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.The resistant starch also interacts with good gut bacteria in the body and this promotes better use of insulin and healthier colon cells.


Homemade popcorn is very good for diabetic people.Popcorn is rich in fibre,is cholesterol free,almost contains no fat and is greatly low in calories.

Popcorn also has a low glycemic index;which means that it is slowly digested and has a positive impact on the blood sugar level.


Avocados are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber and also heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.This makes avocados good for regulating the blood sugar levels.


Peas are greatly rich in the vitamins A,C and K.Peas make a great substitute for grains such as rice as they are higher in fibre and low in calories.

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