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The Only Natural Geothermal Spa In Africa That Treats Skin Infections.

Its name is Olkaria Geothermal hot spa.It is located on the floor of the great Rift Valley about 120km from Nairobi in Naivasha,Nakuru county.It is on the south of Lake Naivasha and adjacent to Mt.Longonot inside Hells gate national Park.It covers a surface area of 3,600squaremetres.The spa was established in 2012 as a product of Geothermal power projects in Olkaria where Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited(KenGen)owns and operates 4power plants.Hence making KenGen the first company in Africa to own a spa.

The spa is characterised by blue, dreamy,warm water which comes from wet steam called brine.It also has smell of eggs because it contains hydrogen sulphide which is harmless.And the good thing is that there are bathrooms you bathe after swimming to remove the smell.The is first drained from a lagoon which has 300oC then passed to a cooling pool then pumped to a pool of 30oC to 40oC.

This is the pool that has best temperatures to offer recreational and therapeutic swimming for all people above 9 years.It can accommodate up to 400 people and the deepest end is 1.5 metees.At the middle of it, there's a lampspot that provides light for those who swim in the evening.An extension of it is a pool if kids below 8years.The pool is sorrounded by steel trowelled concrete and terraces to minimise accidents.

The warm blue waters are very medicinal with great health benefits.They offer natural skin treatment with no side effects attached.It contains minerals sulphur,sodium and silica.Sodium increases lymphatic fluid balance that improves the immune system.Silica is good for rebuidinganc regenerating connective tissues that remove wrinkles and heals acne and cracked feet.Sulphur treats skin diseases like arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia among others.Swimming in the waters boosts blood circulation by increasing hydrostatic pressure.It also makes your mind relaxed hence reducing stress.The only waste produced is water vapor which is not harmful to the environment.

Olkaria Geothermal Spa is more than just a tourist attraction centre.Many tourists visit the place to have a fantastic experience of the magical healing waters in the whole of Africa.On the pool side are fancy tables,chairs and sun lounges to enjoy the breeze out.If you want to go there,students pay sh100,adults500, noncitizens 5000 and under 18 children sh100.This is very cheap and affordable.If you have skin infections I urge you,visit the place you will have a testimony to tell.I have been there.

Just see how it is beautiful below.

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