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These Bad Habits Are Making Your Knee Pain Worse

Knee pain often starts out as a mild discomfort and then grows more. While all joints are vulnerable to injury and overuse conditions, the knee is particularly susceptible because it bears high levels of stress just from the activities of daily life. If you’re already suffering from knee pain, be aware that the following common bad habits may be making your pain exponentially worse.

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Continuing activities that cause pain

If you know that playing basketball or tennis leaves your knees in agony, you may need to relax from the sport, or at least reduce it. The same goes for other activities, such as kneeling or climbing stairs. Taking a break from pain-causing activities will give your knee some time to rest and heal, while preventing further damage. Once the pain has subsided, you can resume the activity, ideally with some adaptations to prevent the pain from recurring.

Wearing high heels

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High-heeled shoes change the way you walk, putting additional stress on your knees. This puts a strain on the shin muscles and the feet, which could lead to knee pain. In addition, the height of the heels can cause a shortening of your calf muscles. If you must wear, a massage of the shin muscles afterward can help.

Ignoring the pain

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On a foundational level, knee pain has an underlying inflammatory cause. If that inflammation persists on a low level, it can then contribute to the very pain it was originally intended to heal. The inflammatory cascade can easily spiral out of control, along with its associated pain, especially if you continue on with habits that cause you knee pain to begin with.

Tight musclеs up thе linе

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Anоthеr cоmmоn cаusе оf knее pаin is vеry tight musclеs up thе linе, mеаning tight musclеs in thе thighs оr hаmstrings. Whеn thеsе musclеs аrе tight, it is fаr mоrе likеly thеy will pull оn thе tеndоns аnd ligаmеnts thаt аttаch in аnd аrоund thе knее jоint. In turn, this cаusеs pаin thаt will nоt subsidе until thоsе musclеs аrе lооsеnеd up. Onе rеаsоn why fоаm rоlling is vitаl аftеr еаch wоrkоut sеssiоn is bеcаusе fоаm rоlling hеlps tо kееp thоsе musclеs lооsеr, which in turn еnаblеs yоu tо аvоid pаin.

Excess weight

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Excess weight is pretty challenging for the knee joint. Did you know that as we walk our knees are subjected to a force equivalent to up to 6 times our body weight? A balanced diet and regular physical activity will help you reach a healthy weight and strengthen the muscles that support your joints and ensure their flexibility.


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