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Pregnancy period

Does the colour of your urine indicate your health?

As you are taking your short call, be very keen of what colour, smell, consistency and flow of your urine looks like. Color of your urine is what we shall be discussing today.

Urine colour can be affected by the food you eat, the medications that you have been prescribed to take by your local doctor or even drinks which contain different dyes which tend to change the colour.

Urine is a waste product from your body which must be removed to reduce toxin buildup. It contains various salts ad chemicals that need to be flushed out.

It's very common to visit your health facility back in your village and the doctor gives you a small tin for you to urinate in. This helps to determine if you may be having a disease or even used in confirming pregnancy.

Different colours in urine indicates different things. It's good to know this because it can direct you if you need to see a doctor or intervene back at home with a remedy or two.

The following colours will mean something important.

1. If your urine is clear, meaning it looks like clean water, that's an indication that you are drinking too much water. Reduce the intake.

2. Pale yellow or a golden like colour will indicate healthy system.

3. Bright amber colour can be a sign of many vitamins in your body.

4. Bright yellow colour in urine is an indication of too many vitamins supplements.

5. Brown colour means that you need to take water because you might be dehydrated or are suffering a liver condition.

6. Red colour in urine indicates that you have blood in urine and this calls for medical checkup.

7. Orange means that you may require to drink water.

8. Blue or green colour may indicate a not so common genetic disorder or even a sign of a bacterial infection.

9 lastly we have urine that's purple in colour which is as a result of using a urinary catheter.

With these colours, start watching your urine.

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