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Doctor Who Performed Surgery While Carrying A Baby On Her Back

A famous gynecologist Dr. Swabra Swaleh Briek ,stunned the globe when a viral photo of her attending to a pregnant woman in the operation room while carrying her son on her back went viral. 

This was due to the fact that her nanny had departed and she had no other means of support. 

“We all know that government hospitals have skeletal staff on weekends. Dr. Briek wondered aloud, "Do I leave my son down while I do the surgery?" 

She was asked to attend to an emergency at Kalou District Hospital in Nyandarua County, the occurrence occurred. A woman was in labor and needed a cesarian birth as soon as possible.

In my brain at the time, I had a woman in front of me dying, and we would have lost her if I hadn't gone into surgery with my baby on my back,” Dr Briek explained. 

She stated that her son slept through the process and that the surgery went well. 

Dr. Briek explained that she shows the photo to her 6-year-old son and informs him about that historic day. 

He also mentioned that bleeding after birth used to be the leading cause of maternal death, but that has changed later

The gynaecologist works at Mombasa's Premier Hospital and maintains that maternity care is subject-based. She reveals, for example, that she is the result of a teen pregnancy. 

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