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"How A Rare Illness Affected My Ability To Walk. I Had Lost Hope. People Came Through For Me," Imanuel Narrates

The story of Imanuel was aired on Afrimax, where they stated that the young man had lost his ability to walk or talk because of a rare Ilness. They went on to say that his parents were aged and they couldn't support him any more they asked to come forward and support the family.

According to his parents Imanuel was born as a normal child. He could walk on his two feet however when he was a teneeger he suffered a long illness and since his family couldn't afford to take him to hospital they took him to a spiritual doctor who gave them some herbs for his treatment.

According to his father, Imanuel didn't get better. He lost his ability to walk and talk and now he has also lost his eyesight. Through the years his parents have been providing for for him. However they are now aged and can no longer provide for him.

When his story was aired on Afrimax people came forward and contributed a lot of money. The family was given food, clothing and a mattress for Imanuel. His family had weaved a basket for him where he used to sleep after his legs and hands were Amputated due to the long illness. He didn't get a wheelchair but he is happy that the have enough to eat and a a place to sleep.

Imanuel can no longer speak nor see and this has affected him alot. The parents are worried about their son's future Incase they die. They said that his health has quickly deteroriated and they wish that people would come and offer medical help to their son.

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Afrimax Imanuel Imanuel Narrates Lost Hope


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