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Top 10 Things That Will Have Disappeared By 2050

1. Waiters and Waitresses in hotels

This is one job That is at the verge of extinction from the early signs that we are seeing now. The replacement of human personnel with robots is a sign that sooner or later, the job will not be a human job anymore. Japan and China are among the few countries that have started embracing this wind of change.

2. Surgeons

Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the field of medicine and from the look of things, surgeons will not be required to do some of the most complex surgeries. The robots will be helping them do that.

3. Malaria will be a thing of the past

China is the first country that has had 100 percent victory over malaria and sooner or later, malaria will not be a disease to make anyone get worried. The progress that is taking place is proof enough that even before 2050 malaria will have been eradicated.

4. Phone Chargers

This is already happening in some parts of the world. Charging our phones will not require us to be sitting in one place. 2050 will see Inventions that will allow us to charge phones wirelessly like through wifi and Bluetooth methods. Current Tesla is working on how to achieve this and the remote charging they have invented is already proof that we are not far from achieving this.

5. Traffic and accidents will be a thing of the past

By 2050 this will actually be a reality and some countries have actually started embracing new methods. A world free from accidents is one we can't wait to have. Imagine how easy it will be to travel from one point of your city to another without any traffic? The technology of automatically driven will actually make this a reality. Accidents will be at zero and careless mistakes on the road will be a thing of the past.

6. Remote controls will have disappeared

By the year 2050, remotes will be put of no use and it will be a matter of commands and things happen. When you want to switch to another channel, you will simply need your voice to effect that. We have ready seen Amazon making giant steps with regard to this and actually that is where the whole world is headed to.

7. Hand Signatures will be a thing of the past

The world has started embracing the use of biometrics. Biometrics simply identity specific body parts like the fingerprints, iris and the voice of the person. It is in fact much more safer and that will actually be the system of the future.

8. Cash Money

The pace at which this is moving is quite fast. People have actually started embracing the use of cash transfers by use of credit and debit cards. We have also seen the use of bitcoin being embraced. People will no longer need to carry with them huge sums of money. In the future we can definitely see a world without real money but only cards will be making the payments.

10. Locks and keys will no longer be needed

By 2050, we will definitely not be needing keys and padlocks for our doors. Am sure you have gone to some places where employees either use cards or finger prints to open doors. By 2050 this will not be just a thing of companies but every household.

Which of the above technologies do you think will be the most important and safest? Share with us your answer on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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