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One Hilarious Way Putting on Masks Could Affect Children in the Future

Immediately Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by World Health Organisation, the global health organisation recommended and adviced people to put on face masks as the most effective way of reducing and hopefully avoiding the spread of Covid-19. Though, the World Health Organisation (WHO) at that time, had no idea when the pandemic would end, no one and absolutely no one expected the virus to take close to two years and probably more. The unexpected end to this pandemic has in turn made masks part of our fashion and putting them on is seemingly never coming to an end, atleast any time soon. However, there is a funny way putting on masks could affect the next generation.

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While masks have saved millions from contracting the deadly virus, it could also have major impacts, on the next generation, especially those who will be born in the later years. There would probably be an evolution, brought about by the masks, or let's say by the outbreak of Covid-19. Why?

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Just like we were born naked, then opened up our eyes to see people putting on clothes, that could be the trend with the masks on the the next generation. And just like we voluntarily realised there are certain private parts that should be prioritized when covering the body, the mouth could be an addition to these private parts. If putting on masks proceeds to infinity, then kids born in the future could think of the mouth as a private part that always needs to be covered. There possibly would be an exclusive closet for masks just like that of pants, shoes and shirts.

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Besides acting as a barrier to Corona Virus entry, masks have perfectly acted as a cover for other things like dust and bad smell which has also made it an essential part of our clothing. Do you think children born in the future will view masks as a mandatory clothe to cover their "private mouths"?

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