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6 Things That Are Killing You Slowly

1. Cell phones.

These are devices that are nowadays very easy to get access to. Some relatively cheap. The truth behind it is that these devices produce radio frequencies that contain radioactive emissions. These emissions can cause prostate cancer to those men who like putting their cell phones in the side pockets of their trousers.

2. Deep fried foods.

These goodies can cause serious health issues. Deep fried foods can cause clogging up of the arteries. Apart from that, they are likely to cause cancer of the colon, breast and prostate.

3. Salt.

Too much intake of sodium can increase blood pressure. This increase the risk of getting heart diseases and stroke.

4. Sitting for too long.

Studies show that those who sit more than three hours a day are likely to die earlier compared to those who sit for a few hours. Sitting for too long causes health risk to the body organs and inactivity to the muscles causing their degeneration.

3. Soft drinks.

They consist of added sugars, food colours and preservatives which are harmful to your health. Food colours are harmful to your teeth and sugar can increase your blood glucose causing type 2 diabetes.

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