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Good News To Kenyans and The world As KEMRI Delivers This Breakthrough In The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

The human immunodeficiency virus was first reported in 1981 .It is alleged that it crossed species from the chimpanzees to human beings .Others believe that it was a way that God was using to punish humans for disobeying his commandments. Some also claim that the deadly virus may have arisen from the conspiracies of human beings .

The anatomy of HIV virus ( Photo).

The virus is spread from one person to another through many ways. These include sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, sharing of Objects like razor blades with infected people and from the mother to child during birth . Consequently, prevention measures such as abstinence, faithfulness and use of condoms during sexual activity are usually encouraged for personal safety.

The virus causes the deadly Aids which has continued to torture societies across the world for many years. Scientists in all parts of the world have been working tirelessly to search for a cure but they haven't realized the fruition of their efforts. They have only managed to produce antiretroviral drugs which can prolong life when taken with strict adherence to the prescriptions .

However, according to today's Star , KEMRI is conducting tests to ascertain the suitability of newly produced pills to the treatment of this disease. If approved ,the HIV patients will no longer struggle with the antiretroviral drugs but will only be required to take a single pill per month.

The move by KEMRI is a great achievement in the fight against the disease which has claimed alot of lifes over the last few decades.

Content created and supplied by: @Keruge (via Opera News )

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