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'My grandmother's heart is failing while mine is breaking', Larry Madowo narrates.

Covid 19 has been a pandemic that has denied many people happiness and peace.It's taking away loves of family members,relatives and friends.It has even robbed people jobs and access to work places as a result of fear of getting infected.Larry Madowo has a CNN presenter has today told the public that his granny is dying of Covid.This is few weeks after losing his uncle as a result of the same covid.He went ahead and blamed the western countries of their 'greediness and equality' during vaccination to the less developed countries.His uncle failed to get vaccinated on time and also his grandmother got vaccinated late after getting infected already.He also speaks out how his heart always sinks whenever he gets a call from,because he is likely to be informed of the bad news.His grandmother who is 96years old has been admitted for 4weeks in hospitals when in a ventilator.He referred to her heart is Madowo told CNN on Wednesday that every time he sees a call from home, his heart sinks.

“I always fear that they're ringing to say that my grandmother has died. She has been on a ventilator for four weeks and my anxiety is near breaking point,” he said.

His grandmother, 96, is among hundreds of millions in the developing world who was not vaccinated until recently.

“By the time my grandmother got vaccinated by local officials it was already too late as she had been infected by Covid-19,” he said adding that she outlived her husband by more than 25 years.Despite being 60years younger than her,he still has no reason to smile whenever he thinks of losing his grandmother who had taken care of him while he lost his parents.Larry Madowo is known with a beutiful smile however this turns off.We therefore request each one to pray for him and his family to remain strong and God's healing be upon his grandmother.

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