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Beautiful Photos of Doreen Morachi Living With HIV for 29 Years

IIn the world today we have many diseases. The world has been attacked by so many diseases and we are not sure where the world is heading to. We have serious diseases like cancer, pressure, diabetes, arthritis, malaria, pneumonia among many others. HIV was seen as the most dangerous diseases in the 1990s. The victims were not only stigmatized but also rejected.

However today HIV is much better. This is because we no longer have people dying from HIV like in the past. We thank God, scientists and technology for discovering drugs for these diseases. We know that even if you are not infected with HIV than we are all affected.

Doreen Morachi is our own celebrited girl in the country advocating the rights of people living with HIV. Doreen is a rare gem, she is an epitome of natural beauty. A strong girl that hasn't allowed her status define her future. She is queening and glowing, living her life so well.

Doreen is the best mentor to people living with HIV. She is changing souls and motivating people. In her latest photos Doreen is slaying. Have a look at her recent photos. Keep glowing girl.

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