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How to relieve joint pain

Joint pain has many causes, but it indicates that the tissues in the joint are inflamed or infected. When the suffering is too great or it becomes chronic, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

 The causes are multiple 

Joint pain can appear following an accident or trauma, be the consequence of diseases such as gout or influenza, obesity. Other origins also exist: the intensive practice of a sport, family history, a professional activity with repetitive movements, aging with the natural wear and tear of the joints.

 Prevention of joint pain 

The advice differs depending on the cause of the joint pain but in all cases, a medical consultation is necessary.

Some precautions should be taken:

- when you wake up, exercise with muscle stretches;

- equip yourself with an adapted pillow and change bedding if necessary (box spring and mattress must be changed every ten years);

- for overweight people, lose weight to reduce the weight on the joints; - in the event of repeated gout, eat less fat, stop alcohol consumption and drink water; - for athletes, warm up well, drink a lot and decrease the pace of training.

 Remedy 1: Garlic, shea butter 

Crush 3 cloves of garlic and mix with shea butter and apply this mixture to the painful parts and massage well for a few minutes

 Remedy 2: Onion + honey 

Boil 4 onions cut in a liter and a half of water for 10 min. Drink 1 glass, 3 times a day, accompanied by 2 teaspoons of pure honey before the meal.

 Remedy 3 

To reduce these pains, consume grapefruits and eliminate from your diet the following foods: red meat, oranges and lemons.

 Remedy 4 

Boil cabbage leaves and let them cool. Apply the lukewarm leaves to your hands or joints, using a small towel.

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