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What Happens To Your Body When You Consume Spicy Food

It can cause an allergic reactionAfter eating a spicy dinner, some people say they experience a swollen face and itchiness the following morning. This can happen because peppers are likely to cause allergies. For some people, this reaction is just the body’s natural reaction to spice. It might be necessary to see a doctor in order to understand why it happened and how to prevent it,

Tolerance for pain will increaseIt’s sounds weird because eating spicy food is painful in itself for some people. But specialists claims that capsaicin can target a special substance in our brain that’s responsible for painful feelings. It tricks our brain into ignoring pain, a nice bonus for those who are not afraid of hot things.

Losing weightEating spicy food is an easy way to burn some extra fat. Nothing can replace exercising and a healthy diet, but capsinoids that are found in peppers can’t hurt. They are known for increasing energy expenditure and decreasing body fat.

Improves immune systemYour body gets enriched with antioxidants while eating hot food. It’s very useful during flu season because antioxidants protect us from germs that attack our bodies. Additionally, if you’re already feeling under the weather, cook something with chili peppers, to keep your immunity strong.

There’s a chance you’ll live longerThis study revealed that those who ate hot food 6 to 7 days per week had a 14% lower mortality rate. The same research observed spicy food lovers independently of other risk factors, so spicy food won’t help those who have an unhealthy lifestyle.

Decreases sugar consumptionWe're all aware that sugar is terrible for our health, but cutting its amount isn’t easy. Experts say that adding spicy dishes to your menu from time to time might help to fight cravings for sugar. It’s similar to drinking a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth, after eating something spicy, we usually don’t want anything sweet.

It increase heartburnActually, peppers include a combination of acids and when we consume too much of them, the walls of our stomach start to burn. Remember that this condition might worsen and become chronic in the long term. So it’s best if you minimise the overuse of foods packed with heat. If you’re already experiencing heartburn, try drinking milk, or cool the burn down with some ice cream.

Your stomach’s problems might worsenEating spicy food is a bad idea for those who have a sensitive stomach because it can give you diarrhea. The reason why is capsaicin, which has positive effects on the body, but generally speaking, is an irritant to us. Additionally, it may cause temporary gastritis, or if you already have stomach issues, they are likely to get worse.

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