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No More Detaining Dead Bodies Over Pending Hospital Bills After CS Kagwe's Recent Orders

Hospitals have been dealt a major blow after CS Kagwe sounded a warning today. He put private hospitals on warning saying that they have proved to be on business and not helping people. He said that they are going ahead to regulate the amount of prices private hospitals are charging. He described their character as very unscrupulous that doesn't show care.

“It is criminal to hold on to them for longer than necessary and the government will start cracking the whip on all aspects of illegalities being exhibited by health practitioners in the country,” CS Kagwe sounded a warning.

CS Kagwe said that private hospitals are charging Ksh16,000 for surgery while it costs only Ksh600 in public. He said a lot of corruption is happening in private hospitals and he is going to stop it. He said that due to the prevailing diabetes and arthritis infections, bodies should be released immediately to avoid holding on so many bodies while people are mourning them.

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