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Feeling a little under the weather? Put the onion in your sock

Who realized an onion could do this much for your wellbeing! 

A wide range of regular afflictions generally partners onions with weeping hysterically or preparing a decent feast, which is sensible, since we will, in general, utilize onions in our food. Be that as it may, did you realize you can utilize onions for different things also? Truth be told, an onion can be exceptionally compelling in battling;


Medical science has established that there are over 7,000 nerves in your foot that are in contact with your entire body. That’s why putting an onion in your sock can do wonders for more than just your feet. Once you’ve placed the onion in your sock, it will cleanse your entire body. It will suck the bacteria and germs out of your body, and because the skin on your feet is very thin, the good bacteria and chemicals are absorbed in your blood quicker. That way, the onion also cleanses your blood. And all that while you’re sleeping! Go on to the next page to learn more about the healing ability of onions.

2. Cold

Apparently, putting an onion in your sock before going to bed can help you get rid of a cold much quicker. Onions will help you feel better because of their amazing healing properties. Onions are known for absorbing smells and improving air quality. By putting an onion in your sock before you go to sleep, bacteria will be absorbed by the onion and your blood will be cleansed. It is important to use organic onions that haven’t been treated with chemicals

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