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Common mistakes made when delivering a speech and how to avoid them

Just like any other task,before deliy a speech you should be fully prepared.Without adequate preparation,one is bound to make alot of mistake during the speech.

Here are some of the common mistakes that can be made during a speech and how to avoid them.

Making a bird first impression and playing it safe.First impressions count.Mantain a professional appearance and also learn everything about the venue to avoid any confusion.

Complex content.Trying to cover too much content ends up overwhelming your audience.Make your speech understandable and the content short and presise.

Starting with disclaimers.Disclaimers always lowers the audiences expectations about you.Avoid starting your speech with any type of excuse.

Trying to blend into the background.Try to stand out with the color you are wearing,these brings attention of the audience to you.

Not thinking of your audience.They are the most important part of the speech,therefore always prioritize your audience.

Speaking at people.This makes peoy feel like they are beiy told off.Speak to the people and not at them.

Not using emotions.Using emotions is the easiest ways to create communication bridges.

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