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How To Control Cancer, Check Here For Full Details

I believe that cancer has been a major threat to most of the developing countries and Kenya included. Cancer has left most of families very poor due to the high amount of money required in its treatment and how to protect yourself against. I personally believe that prevention is better than cure and I decided to give a brief description on how cancer can be prevented so that DA save the lives of the innocent Kenyans.

Photo is a picture of effect of prostrate cancer

Following my research, here are the best waste how to reduce the effect of cancer;

1 Avoid Tobacco

To prevent yourself against different versions of cancer, you need to avoid tobacco at all cost. If you can do this then your chances of getting cancer is minimal.

2 Eat Properly

To void cancer, you need to eat a proper diet to save yourself from risk of getting cancer. You need to avoid red meat at am cost because it can contribute to high chances of colon cancer or prostrate cancer that can reduce your chances of survival. In addition to that you need to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains to avoid rick of getting cancer.

3 Regular exercise

Most women are advised to ensure the do exercise on a daily basis to ensure that the risk of breast cancer is reduced. According to my research it is evident that lack of exercise among women can lead to breast cancer.

In addition to that you need to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiations, industrial and environmental toxins, make a quality sleep, Get enough of vitamin D and lastly avoid drinking alcohol.

I believe that if you do the things have mentioned above you are likely to save a life and reduce the spread of cancer.

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